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Fresh Australian Fish Fillets
Swordfish (skinless & boneless)
Sweetlip (skinless & boneless)
Red emperor (skinless & boneless)
Goldband snapper (skinless & boneless)
Barramundi (skinless & boneless)
Tassal Tasmanian Salmon (skinless & boneless)
Tassal Tasmanian Salmon (skin on & boneless)
Smoked Salmon (Norwegian)
Sashimi Yellowfin Tuna (skinless & boneless)
Sea Perch (New Zealand) (skinless & boneless)
Cod (caught in Southeast Atlantic ocean – processed and frozen on boat)
Please contact us to see what other fresh Australian fish fillets we have available
Other Seafood
Calamari Tubes
Green Prawn Meat
Baby Octopus
Roe Off Scallop
Roe On Scallop
Marinara Mix
Green Prawn Cutlets
Green Prawn Skewers
Salt & Pepper Calamari
Salmon marinated in Dill & Lemon
Garlic & Mustard Australian Prawns
White Fish marinated in Chilli, Lemon & Coconut Sauce
Moreton Bay Bug marinated in Herbs, White Wine Vinegar, Olive Oil, Mustard & Lemon
Sweet Chilli & Kaffir Lime Prawn Skewer
Herb & Garlic Prawn Skewer
Spring Onions Salmon Skewer
Sweet Chilli & Lemon Pepper Tuna Skewers
Thai Fish Cakes
Chargrilled Baby Octopus marinated in Olive Oil, Sweet Chilli & BBQ Sauce, Balsamic Vinegar & Garlic
Talley’s Marinated Mussels (375g tub)
Crab Meat (227g tub)
Prawns & Oysters
Green Headless King/Tiger Prawns Mix (Australian wild caught)
Cooked Tiger Prawns Large (Australian wild caught)
Cooked King Prawns Medium (Australian wild caught)
Cooked King Prawns Large (Mooloolaba wild caught)
Cooked & Peeled Cocktail Prawns (Australian wild caught)
Pacific Oysters
Sydney Rock Oysters
Kilpatrick Oysters
Cooked Moreton Bay Bugs
Green Moreton Bay Bugs
Sand Crabs
Lobsters (WA)
Mud Crabs
Whole Fish
Red emperor
Goldband snapper
Tassal Tasmanian Salmon
Please contact us to see what other fresh Australian whole fish we have available
Huon Premium Cold Smoked Salmon 100g
Homemade Fish Stock (630g)
Homemade Fish & Vegetable Soup (1kg)
Homeade Seafood Chowder (630g)
Sea Scallop Roe On (1kg bag)
Sea Scallop Roe Off (1kg bag)
Dusted Baby Calamari (160g bag)
Sol’s Potato Scallops (650g bag)
Soft Shell Crab (2)
Raw Black Tiger Prawns (1kg bag)
Australian Sea Scallops (approx. 150g)
Thai Fish Cake (4)
KB’s Prawn Gyoza (1kg bag)
New Zealand Greenshell Mussels (1kg box)
Homemade Seafood Pie
Cooked & Peeled Black Tiger Prawns (1kg bag)
Baby Octopus (1kg bag)
Green Lipped Mussel (1kg bag)
Whole Sardines (3)
Calamari Tubes (3)